Feed cute monsters sushi to make them happy!

Do you like sushi? These cute monsters love it and wanna get some. Pink monsters love Pink sushi, Orange monsters love Orange sushi and so on. Got it? Then get the game and feed these guys!


  • Lots of cuteness! Forget about your problems for a while.
  • Adorable sounds! Turn the volume up and enjoy all nom-noms and catchy jazzy music.
  • One finger controls! Tap anywhere to feed nearest monster.
  • Play in any orientation! Just rotate your phone or tablet.
  • Collect and upgrade! Find gold sushi and exchange it for improvements and skins.

Try Pre-release Demo:

The game is in development!

Sushi Ride is not ready for launch yet. Game will be available on 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Web (HTML5 WebGL). Follow the development and help with your feedback and ideas, everybody is welcome: